Tech Bloc Birthday Rally!
  • 6/16/2016
  • 500PM
  • Pearl Stables

Tech Bloc Birthday Rally!

Join the Spring/Summer 2016 Rally, a 1-year birthday bash celebrating your growing San Antonio tech industry movement! Don't bring gifts, because we've got some for you, including new Tech Bloc wearables, sponsor promos, important industry announcements and calls-to-action. Free admission and complimentary food, drinks and entertainment, including embroidered portraits, on-demand haikus, henna tats, DJs, and treats and drinks by Chef Johnny Hernandez and Jeret Pena.

RSVP via Eventbrite (Facebook Joins do not count as your RSVP!)

HEB, Graystreet Partners


AT&T, Assembla, Bank of San Antonio, Bexar County, Boulevardier Co., City of San Antonio Economic Development Department, Codeup, Cogeco Peer 1, Filestack, Geekdom, OCI Group, Pearl, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Rackspace, Red Bull, The San Antonio Entrepreneurial Center, TESSCO Technologies, Trinity University, USAA, VIA Metroplitian Transit, Whataburger