it took a bachelors for her to realize the worth of her father’s words

- For Dad, Love Meghan

People think I’m a badass, I haven’t even gotten to my list

- For Jessica

A lamb and a deer rule the mythic land between sofa and kitchen

- For Ninette, Sadie & Bentley

They don’t flee winter they are rainbow blizzard briefly alightly

- For Kolbi

All her eyelashes letters of the alphabet symphonies of thought

- For Thea

I woke up laughing because where my dreams left off this beauty began

- For Alex

His heart on his sleeve beer cans rolled up underneath jokes under his tongue

- For Richard

We aren’t pirates but we rule this patch of sea and seek its bounty

- For John

Whenever having a bad day, I just think of Timon & Pumba

- For Jessica

These humanities at their highest potential life ricocheting

- For Chris

Was it you that said everything before the birth of the wine dark see?

- For John

He isn’t sleeping his dreams are caught amongst lights only wide eyes see

- For Robert

elusive, these dreams till they know you won’t give up they’re already yours

- For Harold

her speech, a river an understanding flowing between these green banks

- For Amanda,  Love Dave

her rouge becomes her fiery beacon and halo as bright as legends

- For Rachel

The golden arches can not hold a flame to the big orange W

- For Christine

Fertile fields are put to water if not constantly seeded and watered

- For Denise